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Our mission

We are a family bike shop and a team of riders, who love biking and exploring Naxos Island. Our Mission is to give you the best experience from Naxos Island by guiding you throughout secret spots, picturesque villages and extreme routes that will make your adrenaline levels explode.

Reduced anxiety and depression
Decreased body fat levels
Increased cardiovascular fitness

Our history

Yannis oldest son, Nikos joins the business and takes charge of the guided tours.

2012 was the year of change. As from renting motorbikes Yannis decided to invest in one of his favourite activities cycling. He dedicated to find the best routes and paths around Naxos Island. As a result we offer you plenty solutions that will suit your needs during your ride.

The first shop Yannis operated was “Ciao Moto”, where he rented motorbikes and bicycles as well. These times bikes were not as popular as they are today.

Our facilities and features

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